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We provide opportunities for kids to get connected with the sport of mountain biking and experience benefits that only being submersed in Nature, doing what you love, with people who care about you, can offer. We are the gateway to Mountain Bike Adventure and Youth Wellness.
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Meeting kids where they are!


This is what it’s all about — the Trail Ride!
As one of our signature programs, we run the incredible Trail Rides events that take kids on scenic trail ride adventures.
Every kid in every community deserves the opportunity to know the joy of riding a bike while enjoying the freedom to explore the natural world on two wheels.

Be part of the FUN!


For Curious. Avoid Ordinary!
T4K Mountain Bike Club is one of the three programs we offer for kids who want to ride regularly and be a part of a growing community of riding enthusiasts passionate about and dedicated to discovering fun on two wheels.

Are you Race Curious?


Strengthening body, mind and character through interscholastic cycling
Cross Country, Enduro, Downhill; what’s the difference? What’s a race strategy; don’t you just try to go as fast as you can? Don’t I have to be fit and have advanced bike handling skills to race? I keep hearing racing is fun, but is it right for me? What’s a good starter race?
If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these, if you’ve never raced before but are curious to try, or even if you’ve done a handful of races and just want to be a better racer, our Race Programs have you covered; at least for XC and Enduro; we are sure we can help you connect with other forms of racing too.


Girls On Mountain Bikes

Have you ever just wondered about other sports like Mountain Biking?

Join us for skills training and trail riding and just hanging out with cool girls of Central New York.

Changing Kids’ Lives, One Bike Experience At Time

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