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At Trips For Kids Chenango, we are committed to providing our kids and our communities with top-quality mountain bike programs and adventures, and also to growing and supporting our greater mountain biking family. We realize that in order for us to thrive and grow, we need to partner with other organizations to synergize our efforts in achieving our perhaps common goals; helping kids connect with nature, outdoor sports and activities that will ensure healthy life style for years to come.

That’s why we want to partner with you – to ask for your help and ideas, but also support your organization and its mission.

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Our projects:

Greene Community Nature Trails system

We adopted 2 miles of trails that have been used primarily for walking and some cross country skiing; these were trails that were also used for youth Cross Country running ion the day. We developed additional trails and expended the network to just short of 5 miles. These trails are now being used for mountain biking as well. We are currently working on building a trail head sign with a map and information board. We are also working on placing trail markers on all trails and according to the map.

“Ride For Focus”

This project is at the inception state, but carries potential to make significant positive impact on kids’ health and well being and contributes to our mission of creating happy communities in this part of the country. The project would cater to kids who might be struggling with gaining focus and sustaining attention at school. The program would provide for opportunities for these kids to spend time riding mountain bikes during school hours with an intent to help them regain focus and perform better when they return to their classrooms. The project is envisioned as a joint venture between Greene Central School, Specialized bikes and our Trips For Kids Mountain Bike Club; perhaps with involvement from the Binghamton University Health and Wellness Center.

Camp Evans

This project is intended to be done jointly with Chenango Valley State Park and at the park, where the Camp Evans is. Our mission is to revive the Camp as home for mountain biking and outdoor programs. This project is being discussed between the Park as the owners and our club as the primary user of the camp. More information regarding this fantastic opportunity is coming soon.

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