Girls On Mountain Bikes


Our mountain bike programs are centered around building confidence and self-esteem, and developing feeling of pride, fellowship and common loyalty shared by the Girls On Mountain Bikes group.

Focused on cycling, the program presents young women with adventurous activities designed to be fun, challenge their fitness and minds, and give them the skills needed to set and accomplish goals.

  • If this is your first time on a mountain bike, you will get introduced to the sport that may become your passion, and in comforting low key setting.

  • If you have done it before, you will learn some new skills and tricks that will help you become a better rider and enjoy the sport even more so.

  • Regardless, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

All ages, all skill levels
No prior experience required
You don’t even have to own a bike
We have several bikes to lend out for trying this fun sport

Learn the skills to take you over the logs and through the woods!


Whether you rode over your first log, mastered that technical descent or cleared a particularly gnarly rock garden, meeting mountain biking challenges that you have set for yourself can give your self-confidence a major boost.

And all this in low key, supportive setting and cheered by your fellow riders.

Mountain biking will help you feel more connected to nature and the world around you. Improving your stamina and becoming more physically fit will help you feel good about who you are.

You may find that when you ride your everyday worries and negative thoughts simply fade away.

Give this fastest growing adventure sport a try and join other girls in the area, because you have no excuse not to now!

Kelly (607) 651-8595

Our goal is to have fun! We look forward to riding with you soon.


For more information about middle / high school mountain bike racing check:
Chenango Shredders Team

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