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Our Needs

The club is actively seeking support to foster long-term growth of the youth development programs we are offering with an intent to reach as many kids as possible and inspire them and their families, coaches and communities for generations. The investment we are asking for is nothing less than an investment in the future of our youth and the sport of cycling. The opportunity to become an Establishing Partner comes once. The legacy you leave in helping change kids’ lives one bike experience at time will last forever!

We need equipment to facilitate trail rides, clinics and mobile workshops: bicycles, helmets, eyewear, tents, nutrition, first aid kits, tables and chairs, etc.).

We also need equipment to outfit our mobile bike shop, such as bike repair stands, tools, spare parts (tires, tubes, chains, replacement parts, etc.).

We are currently in need of an enclosed trailer and racks to secure bikes in the trailer during transport; we have a small fleet of bikes assembled from purchased and bikes donated by our coaches and current Friends of TFK.

Our Chenango Shredders race team needs funds for: uniforms, protective equipment (gloves, eyewear, helmets), nutrition, food, race travel expenses, bike trainers, …

We also need funds to acquire tools and equipment for trail works and development.

The estimate of our operating cost for this year is around $25000.


The TFK programs span from the first time “Learn to Ride” opportunities to “Ride To Learn” discovery rides to “Train to Perform” higher levels of engagement with the sport; those include, but are not limited to:

Trail ride days – biweekly from June to Oct at Greene Community Nature Trails and CVSP

Trail ride camps (Fri-Sun) – plan 3 events at CVSP for the Summer 2020

Ride skills clinics (two hour event) – plan 3 events

Ride skills clinics (series of 3 events) – plan 2

Girls Only Rides / Camps – on going from Spring to Fall

General Community Rides – weekly (starting Sep 2019)

Bike mechanic workshops – 3 events at the Bike Barn

General health and safety education – 3 workshops (nutrition, physical activities, outdoors safety)

Community service projects – 3 events (further nature trails development; possibly at the Lions Park)

* Age range is at this point 3rd grade up.

NICA Race program – “Chenango Shredders” (from Oct 2019 to June 2020)

2018-2019 season accomplishments:

Indoor spin classes at THS and Strength training at Kong Fitness for the NICA race team (Dec – Mar). Trips For Kids Open House at Chenango Valley State Park (March) – was open to all kids and adults Chenengo Shredders season opener ride at CVSP (April) – open to kids interested in joining the race team NICA race program (Mar – June) – weekly practices; five races every other weekend. We acquired a bike fleet (15 bikes) that we used to support rides and events through 2019 Organized Bike Workshops at the Bike Barn. Acquired a trailer that we intend to dress up as a mobile bike shop, with 12-15 bikes, tools, spare parts and gear for club sponsored rides and for the NICA team needs. We have added 3 miles of trails to the existing two miles at the Greene Community Nature Trails; GCS Intermediate school; we groomed the whole trail system as to create a five mile loop; being rideable in both directions it provides for 10 miles of fun trails to ride.

We developed and groomed 5 miles of trails at the Thornridge; these are also bidirectional trails. These two trail networks provide functional and fun playground for us to introduce the sport to novice riders, but also high level training grounds for more experienced and advanced riders from our Shredders race team. We supported a yearly Dave Panella Memorial race event by helping with setup and cleanup to start with; we also provided food for all participants as our Club Fundraising; and our club/team members participated in the race events. All race proceeds benefit Mom’s House in Johnson City, NY; Mom’s House provides daycare for single moms while they pursue their college education.

Supporter Benefits

As a supporter of the Trips For Kids ride club and Chenango Shredders race team, you will be supporting youth development and each student-athlete’s ability to develop strong body, strong mind and strong character through mountain biking. Your donations and gifts will help the club and team promote mountain biking to the youth as a healthy and fun team sport and activity they can enjoy far beyond their high school years regardless of their ability, and they are tax-deductible.

The TFK will strive to make your generosity as the supporter of the programs known to the general public through social media and also by displaying your name on our jerseys, tents, banners, and other club / team insignia.

There is no specific level of engagement or support required; any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless whether we call it sponsorships, donations, gifts, “friends of” TFK, TFK “booster club”, you can rest assured that you will be supporting initiatives and programs that benefit our future, our kids.

Thank you for supporting youth cycling; every dollar donated helps get morekidsonbikes.

The Game Plan

Secure strong Staff and Board Team

Build community based Support Structure

Grow Club/Numbers/Demographics

Build Partnerships that support and grow our programs

Develop Sustainable Funding streams

Grow Trips for Kids Brand/Identity

Standardize/Develop TFK program models

Enhance Communications: offer webinars, develop FB private page, establish web portal: Club Resource Center

Our goals are simple: introduce the sport to as many kids as possible; create an environment for kids to learn and grow, have fun, ride and race safely. Our coaches are focused on creating a team and club culture that is welcoming, inclusive and fun for all. We strive to teach kids that mountain biking is a life-long activity, good for their health and wellbeing; it helps them to develop a connection to the outdoors and to enjoy nature with their families and friends. Although the students are learning skills and gaining fitness, TFK coaches are most focused on teaching students how to respect each other, themselves, the environment, their trails and their communities. Our athletes learn skills like changing flats and how and why to carry appropriate gear and tools. We emphasize teamwork and creating stronger and more confident student-athletes both on and off the bike.
Students who wish to compete can join our Shredders race team and have five opportunities to race all over New York state during the Spring race season.


Support our programs

We are in this together!


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